From Vegan Superfood Bars to Quick Crab Cake Recipes

 - Jan 28, 2015
Life in the city is often go-go-go, yet as urbanites become more aware of the what they're fueling their bodies on, homemade pre-prepped food is an option many people are leaning towards in place of traditional fast food. Not only are they aware of what is going in these quick meals, pre-prepped food also ensures that one batch lasts throughout the week.

From jarred oatmeal breakfasts and cookie recipes to superfood snackbars and pickle projects, these DIY pre-prepped food options are as convenient as they are healthy. Or, at the very least, healthier than what would be purchased in store. Although some of these pre-prepped foods might take some time to execute, in the end they simply optimize the process by lasting longer than large single meals and other similar dishes.