The 'So How It Taste?' Spinach Dip Veggie Baguettes are Scrumptious

 - Aug 20, 2012
References: sohowsittaste
The ‘So How It Taste?’ Spinach Dip Veggie Baguettes offer an alternative way to present healthy snacks. Instead of placing snacks on a tray with a plastic container of dip, this DIY recipe suggests using bread as a container. Using a french style baguette that has been hollowed out, snack creators can fill them with the perfect amount of dip and a handful of crunchy carrots, cucumbers and celery.

Not only does presentation look adorable, it will also reduce the amount of wasted dip and halts the spread of germs that exist in a communal dip container. Simply carve out a french baguette, mix up a batch of your famous vegetable dip and sprinkle a few veggies into each carb cup.

Perfect for bridal showers, luncheons and backyard soirres, the So How It Taste? Spinach Dip Veggie Baguettes will surely become a party tradition.