From Homemade Oreo Cookies to Boozy Pop Tarts

 - Jun 26, 2015
These copycat recipes for chips, chocolate bars, cupcakes, sandwiches and more emulate the style of iconic products offered by big name brands.

The many recipes now available online to recreate classic Oreo cookies and Pop Tarts show that consumers are finding inventive ways to satisfy their need for customization. Whether these DIY food creations are more about taking loose inspiration from iconic eats or making near-perfect copycat recipes, creative chefs are finding ways to get a taste of their favorite foods for less. Lucky Red's 'Hambaoger is a great example of one brand taking inspiration from another, as its hamburger is styled like an Asian version of a McDonald's Big Mac.

Taking inspiration from flavors that have become cult classics, blogs like Let the Baking Begin and the Minimalist Baker created copycat versions of treats from Starbucks and Dairy Queen.