This Ice Cream Cupcake Recipe Remixes a Dairy Queen Favorite

Dana Scultz celebrated her blog's one-year anniversary with this ice cream cupcake. Though this dessert looks delicious, it also looks highly recognizable.

As a child, 'Minimalist Baker's' Dana loved the ice cream cupcakes sold at Diary Queen. It's no secret that the decadent dessert is a well-liked treat among an array of Dairy Queen fans. However, those with certain dietary restrictions cannot enjoy the popular cupcake. For a more inclusive mini cake, Dana created her own dairy-free version of the aforementioned cake. Contrary to the iconic cupcake at Dairy Queen, this recipe utilizes coconut milk, vegan chocolate ice cream as well as vegan vanilla ice cream.

This cupcake is topped with Oreos, vegan hot fudge, coconut whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.