Lindsey Johnson of Hello Natural Creates a Vegan Apricot Cherry Recipe

 - Mar 9, 2015
Homemade energy bars are a great alternative to store-bought one for a number of reasons. Not only are the no-make recipes a fun project for the lazy Sunday afternoons, it's also jam-packed with healthy nutrients that are often overshadowed by sugars and other unnecessary ingredients in ready-made versions. This particular recipe involves the natural sweetness that comes with apricots and cherries.

Created by Lindsey Johnson of Hello Natural, the homemade energy bar is vegan, which makes it great for a variety of eaters. With cashews, dates, coconut and chia seeds rounding out the recipe, the result is something both delicious and, of course, energizing. Whether people need a pick me up mid-afternoon or something to sustain them during a workout, this homemade energy bar is here to help.