This Snickers Candy Bar Ice Cream Pie Dessert is Savory and Sweet

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: seriouseats & seriouseats
This delicious Snickers candy bar pie recipe is the perfect sweet treat to have after a meal. Inspired by the classic chocolate and peanut butter Snickers flavors, this frozen ice cream pie is perfect for satisfying sweet and savory cravings.

Snickers is one of the most beloved chocolate bars out on the market thanks to it's deliciously stacked nougat, caramel and peanut chuck interior covered in a decadent layer of milk chocolate. This pie recipe replicates the chocolate bar's chewy interior in a pie format and adds ice cream into the mix. The pie begins with a chocolate crust topped a layer of chocolate caramel, homemade caramel condensed milk ice cream, frozen peanut butter chunks and a caramel whipped cream.