- Jul 1, 2015
These examples of unusual candy bars demonstrate that there is more than one way to enjoy your favorite kind of chocolate. From unusual ingredients to elaborate designs, these candy bars provide a unique snacking experience.

Instead of the typical choice between dark, white and milk chocolate, consumers can now choose from an unprecedented selection of candy bar flavors. Some of these new flavor combinations feature traditionally sweet ingredients such as fruits, cookies, candy and baked desserts. However, other unusual candy bars contain more savory ingredients such as chips, quinoa or even pizza.

It is not just the flavor of chocolate that has evolved over the years, but also the texture and design of candy bars. For example, there are chocolate bars that use edible crayons to mimic the effect of paint splatter. On the other hand, some manufactures have changed the shape of the candy bar itself with bar code-inspired designs and tactile typography.

From Chip-Infused Chocolates to Bean-Flavored Chocolate Bars: