Sweetriot's riotBar Fabulous Flax is a Healthy Twist on a Delicious Snack

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: shop.sweetriot
The number of studies out there that list the benefits of dark chocolate have resulted in a profitable market for those looking to introduce different spins on the classic snack; enter Sweetriot. Sweetriot is a company founded by Sarah Endline that specializes on different recipes to make the dessert even more healthy than it already is.

Take Sweetriot's riotBar 70% Fabulous Flax as the perfect example. With the addition of flaxseed, the chocolate bar boasts additional omega-3s, which is known to lower total cholesterol, blood pressure and is also a great source of fiber. Part of Sweetriots first Fair Trade Certified and Organic line, the bar sources "cacao exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade," as written on its website.