From Boozy Jam Cookies to Fruity Cheese Poppers

 - Mar 20, 2015
With sugar unnecessarily added to products, many health-conscious shoppers are realizing that they would rather enjoy natural flavors and foods that are sweetened with honey. Refined sugar may seem like a staple ingredient for treats like cookies, jams, chocolates and pastries, but many crafty consumers have created recipes that show these items can be just as tasty and healthier without it. Inventive recipes for whoopie pies, ice cream and hot chocolate also prove that ultra decadent desserts can still be made without the use of any granulated sugar. Honey is also becoming a go-to for rounding out savory noodle dishes, meatballs, Asian salads and pizzas.

Since eating something sweet usually has a way of making you feel like you're consuming something unhealthy, the use honey for cooking and baking makes indulgence guilt-free.