This Toast Ice Cream Tastes Like Buttered Honey Toast

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: takeamegabite
For those who love to start their day off with a warm slice of toast and a hearty spread of butter and honey, this toast ice cream is a great way to fuse breakfast with dessert. Flavored exactly like a buttered piece of toasted bread covered in syrupy honey, this toast ice cream is one deliciously savory and sweet morning treat.

The ice cream for this recipe is essentially a vanilla flavor base infused with honey. To create the toast-like flavor, simply toast up a piece of bread, butter it up and place it underneath several scoops of the vanilla honey ice cream. To bring out the savory and salty toast flavors a bit more, sprinkle sea salt and burnt toast crumbs over top of the ice cream. And there you have it, a toasty ice cream treat perfect for a sugar-filled morning breakfast.