From Intense Matcha Desserts to Chicken-Infused Frozen Treats

 - May 16, 2015
These exotic ice cream flavors range from intense matcha desserts to chicken-infused treats that draw inspiration from instant noodle meals. As confectioners reference foreign foods and exotic flavors more frequently, frozen treats are evolving and are taking on a more worldly approach.

Standouts from this list of exotic ice cream flavors include all-American toast desserts, Thai tea treats and even bone marrow specialties that draw inspiration from French cuisine. Other favorites range from dragonfruit ice cream cakes and even frozen treats that are infused with a ginger miso soup blend.

Embracing exotic flavors, these unconventional desserts oppose tradition and feature flavors few will see in their grocery shop dairy shelf. Appealing to experienced foodies, these desserts combine artisanal flavors while referencing cultural cuisines.