The Campfire Bar is a Chilly Alternative to the Classic Summer Treat

 - Jun 28, 2013
References: sweetenedwithhoney & neatorama
Making s'mores on a warm night while camping or simply enjoying a bonfire in the backyard may already be a summer treat, but the Campfire Bar takes it to a chilly level. For those who don't have access to an open fire or who perhaps prefers cooler confections to combat the hot weather, the Campfire Bar is for them. It is essentially a s'more flavored ice cream bar, but with more s'more than ice cream.

Created by Brittany Kirkwood of Sweetened With Honey, the Campfire Bar recipe is made entirely from scratch. Of course, people can cut corners if they need to. The Campfire Bar calls from graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and melted chocolate for dipping.