From Diverse Desk-Like Barbecues to Portable Charcoal Grills

 - Jun 16, 2015
These modern barbecues refashion the traditional outdoor cooker.

While barbecuing is typically an outdoor activity, odorless barbecues and smoke-free stove-top grills bring the culinary fun indoors. These modern barbecues also promote mobile barbecuing. Portable barbecue pits are equipped with wheels for easy mobility while travel BBQ grills mirror the look of a suitcase for comfortable maneuvering. A backyard party is made more fun when a barbecue showcases a quirky design. Geeky gamer grills offer a recognizable look while worldly globe grills will have its users cooking up earthly dishes.

These modern barbecues also include a line of tech-friendly grills. Voice-controlled barbecues feature a futuristic appeal while the Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill provides the best of grilling and smoking.