These Summertime Ice Cubes are Filled with Delicate Edible Flowers

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: tablespoon & tablespoon
If you're looking to add a whimsical touch to your summer drinks, these deliciously delicate edible flower ice cubes are the perfect cocktail companion. Pop one of these botanical ice cubes into your drink and watch as the ice melts away leaving tiny flowers floating in your cup.

To make these floral ice cubes all you need is water, an ice tray and array of edible flowers. Make sure to use a bigger ice cube tray so that the ice cubes take longer to melt in the summer heat. There are a wide variety of edible flowers on the market so pick your favorite ones and place them face down in the ice cube tray. Then fill the tray with water, wait a couple hours and pop these botanical cubes into your favorite summer drinks.