Domestic Daddy's 'Lavender Almond Roulade' is made with Plant Ingredients

 - Oct 5, 2012
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Domestic Daddy's 'Lavender Almond Roulade' incorporates floral extracts. The merger of desserts with natural, plant-based ingredients has come to dominate the culinary world, seen in the forms of cakes, stews and more often than not, summertime drinks.

This lavender-based pastry is meant to suit the needs of an adult male audience despite its feminine undertones. The founder of Domestic Daddy caters to a fatherly readership via his daily posts, relaying innovative tips and approaches to interior design, entertaining and clothing.

Syrups, cream fillings and sugar drizzles are essential to the Almond Roulade. The 18-step cooking guide requires orange zest, dried lavender buds, kosher salt and seasonal berries. Together they produce a rich and certainly refreshing dessert.