From Parametric Table Tennis to Flexible Cellular Seating

 - Jun 18, 2015
These examples of 3D-printed furniture demonstrate the innovative new technology can be used to revolutionize manufacturing as well as design. While 3D printing is already being used to mass produce a number of household items, now the dynamic technology is being applied to home furnishings as well.

Sometimes referred to as 'additive manufacturing,' 3D printing allows designers to produce life-size three-dimensional objects based on the virtual models they create. 3D printing is particularly advantageous for making furniture because designers can easily create digital prototypes, which they can then manipulate before sending to production.

Some of the most innovative examples of 3D-printed furniture are those that experiment with unique shapes and unexpected designs. For example, there are 3D-printed chairs made to resemble colorful puzzle pieces, as well as modular honeycomb cubbies. There are also examples of 3D-printed furniture that take a more minimalist approach to home decor, including chic 3D-printed wooden recliners and flexible lounge chairs.