Eric Klarenbeek's 'Mycelium Chair' is Made from Fungus, Water and Straw

 - Oct 21, 2013
References: ericklarenbeek & dezeen
The 'Mycelium Chair' by Eric Klarenbeek was 3D-printed using fungus, which grows on the inside of the chair to provide structure and additional support.

Klarenbeek collaborated with the University of Wageningen for the development of the Mycelium Chair, as a way of experimenting with the possibilities of 3D-printing with organic materials. The chair is comprised of a mix of water, straw and mycelium, which produces a piece of man-made furniture that truly looks like it could have come from nature instead.

Klarenbeek describes that this chair is successful in being able to "bring together the machine and nature to create a new material that could be used to make any product." Klarenbeek even states that the new material could be capable of forming interiors and entire houses.