The 3D Printed Light Bulbs from David Grass are an Ode to Cities

 - Aug 8, 2013
References: davidgraas & designtaxi
Technology continues to push the boundaries when it comes to industrial design, and that's never been more apparent than with these 3D printed light bulbs. Designed by David Grass, the light bulbs are meant to be an ode to the metropolises that seem to be where humanity is destined to live.

3D printing has allowed for a large evolution in design, from limb-healing casts to rocket-powered engines from NASA. These changes in design continue to appear, which can be seen with these 3D-printed light bulbs as this type of intricate design would have never been plausible with blown glass. The geometric city design shows numerous skyscrapers jutting out into the sky, akin to what a blown-up 3D image of the earth would look like as these mega-cities begin to take over the land.