Richard Long's Stone Fields Art Series Displays Spherical Shapes

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: & butdoesitfloat
Richard Long's "Stone Fields" sculpture series arranges digitally crafted rocks into a range of spherical formations. The result of his intricate arrangements are 3D compositions that are reminiscent of ancient ruins and archaeological findings from a prehistoric era.

'Filling empty landscapes with his archaic stone patterns', artist Richard Long finds beauty in the unexpected. The sculptor looks to nature for his inspiration and crafts textured compositions that are reminiscent of gleaming jewels and precious minerals.

Though resembling natural stone at first glance, the artist's rock medium is revealed to be a virtually conceived element. These virtual stones are created using several fractal subdivision strategies that employ complex technologies and intricate files. Once conceived digitally, the elements are brought to life using 3D printing techniques.