- Mar 9, 2015
These molecular design innovations range from biology-themed fashion collections to home decor products that are inspired by dna strands. When it comes to furniture, organically arranged ottomans and molecular chairs are just some of the fluid home decor finds that reject a linear and straight-edged aesthetic.

In addition to these furniture pieces, molecular lighting fixtures and dishware products also draw inspiration from shapes that are a staple of biology. On the fashion front, organic textile prints and molecular jewelry pieces inject one's wardrobe with personality. This aesthetic is not only referenced by casual labels but is also being embraced by luxury brands.

Moreover, molecular design doesn't stop at home decor and clothing thanks to its most striking examples that can be found in the world of architecture. From temporary pavilions to large-scale structures, molecular architecture is consistently changing and referencing organic and biological forms.

From Biological Fashion Collections to Organically Arranged Decor: