The New 'Konfetti' App Lets Users Pixelate and Manipulate Images

Konfetti, a new iPad app, is an interactive and pixel-inspired way to manipulate live images. Bizarrely beautiful, the tech-intensive app is getting the attention and downloads of many.

Developed by Stephan Maximilian Huber, Konfetti works by converting a mirror image into a moving mosaic of pixelated dots. The user can then enjoy the ability to manipulate and move the pixels, or capture the amazing images produced by the app. The ornamental dots, which are always in motion, resemble molecules, and closely match the coloring of the subject. Setting itself apart from other more elementary image manipulation tools, Konfetti stands out in a sea of mediocrity.

Konfetti released an accompanying and explanatory video this week, showing off the capabilities of the awesome add-on. Simple but clever, the video matches well with the understated nature of the app.