The Energetic Pavilion by Architect Michael Jantzen is Stunning

 - May 27, 2014
References: michaeljantzen & archinect
Design maven and renowned architect Michael Jantzen recently released his concept design plans for his latest creation, the 'The Energetic Pavilion.' The public art gathering place structure is dizzyingly beautiful with its symmetrical vivid red color, completely open grid frame dome and futuristic brainwave-like silver colored steel tubes coming out from every part of the spherical structure.

What makes this piece another winner for architect Jantzen is the fact that the artful sculpture was designed in a way to symbolically portray a high-energy field that will hopefully inspire visitors to use their imagination when it comes to understanding what the field is meant for.

Playing with -- and melting the boundaries -- the notions of architecture and science, this awe-inspiring sculpture may look like some molecular-inspired piece of art with a metaphysical explanation, but it definitely feels spiritual.