- Nov 25, 2014
The most popular November 2014 eco ideas reflect the growing interest across all industries to deliver environmentally friendly options for consumers. As more and more consumers become conscious shoppers, it is no longer the obvious green products that consumers are looking for.

Electric and hybrid vehicles continue to emerge with what seems to be every brand in the industry releasing its own eco-friendly model. Cars like the Tesla Model S P85D, which rivals the McLaren F1 in performance, as well as the Lamborghini Asterion, are revolutionizing the ways consumers perceive the electric car. Once interpreted as inconvenient and awkward, the electric car is now reaching new speeds and adopting sleek appearances.

Packaging is also evolving in eco-friendly ways that many could never imagine. Brands are now placing products in boxes that boast qualities like double-recycled and waste-free.

The Eco Trend Report features more examples of the top November 2014 eco ideas.

From Record-Breaking Electric Cars to Celebratory Snack Packaging: