The TwistPlug Requires an Easy Rotation to Turn off the Electrical Current

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: quirky & quirky
The goals behind the design of the TwistPlug were based on safety and reduced energy consumption, making it even easier for people to improve the little habits that they have within their homes. Designed by Dr. Yaakov Filiba, this inventive Quirky outlet has been tweaked intelligently from the standard sort.

You'll notice the slight angles at which the power points have been rotated: this signifies that the outlets are actually deactivated. In this position, the prong holes are cut off from electricity, for this orientation is the off switch. To turn the TwistPlug on or off, just connect a cable to the circular socket and literally turn it to the right or to the left using the plug as your handle. You can keep electronics in the wall, increasing electrical safety and decreasing energy consumption with an effortless swivel.