Bjorn van den Hout's Skateboard Prototype Generates Kinetic Energy

 - Oct 9, 2014
References: gizmodiva
If you've ever wished you could charge your phone while skateboarding, you should check out the Chargeboard designed by Bjorn van den Hout. The longboard has a docking station secured underneath the deck that is powered by kinetic energy.

It is able to generate electricity using two dynamos located in the rear axles. A powerbox stores this electricity, which can then be used to juice up your smartphone. Each of the dynamos can generate 6V of energy each, which is converted to 5V and then stored.

Bjorn van den Hout conceived the Chargeboard for his graduation project at Rotterdam's Willem de Kooning Academy. Only one hour of skating is enough to fully charge your phone. Its external USB and audio jack even let you play music while charging.