Blackout Buddy H2O Produces 72 Hours of Illumination with 1 Cup of Aqua

 - Oct 9, 2014
References: amazon & likecool
In a power outage situation, the Blackout Buddy H2O would provide you with a constant and reliable source of light for three days without the need for additional fuel. Imagine getting 72 hours of illumination from just a single cup of water!

This Eton product does not require you to go scrambling for candles, lighters and matches in the darkness; as long as you keep this emergency lamp someplace handy, you will be prepared to navigate the indoors and outdoors in the evenings. The durable torch can be dropped, even in the water, and that's no problem. Internally, the Blackout Buddy H2O draws fuel from its magnesium-oxide battery that's activated by a simple drink, and it's completely eco-friendly.