The Zig Zag Pavilion by Michael Jantzen Studio is Utterly Abstract

 - Oct 14, 2014
References: michaeljantzen
The Zig Zag Pavilion is meant to inspire creativity as a functional art retreat. A place for reflection, provides an outlet in various ways. Of course, visual cues is its main focus. As its name suggests, the Zig Zag Pavilion is made up of abstract lines that meld art, architecture and furniture into one exciting space.

Designed by Michael Jantzen Studio, the Zig Zag Pavilion is made out of eight panels of sustainably grown painted wood. Hinged and bolted together, the grey structure invites people to climb through in order to sit or lay on its 'flooring.' Inspired by change, "it can be added to, and or subtracted from, depending on the desires of those who interact with it," writes the designer.