From Self-Sustaining Wind Towers to Eco Ballerina Attire

 - Oct 29, 2014
From fashion to animals and public transportation, the top October 2014 eco ideas spread themselves across a variety of areas. Environmental innovations continue to increase as sustainability becomes a priority for more consumers and technologies advance at rates quicker than ever before.

One of the most standout ideas featured here is the electric double decker buses that are being rolled out in London, England as a part of its citywide effort to lower emissions. The hybrid vehicles retain the iconic firetruck red color and look of the original diesel-fueled buses.

The top October 2014 eco ideas are also witnessing a variety of fashion designers turning to more eco-friendly materials to use in their fashions. The collection from Arkins is made in Manhattan and uses sustainable materials, while the ballerina-inspired line for H&M joins the brand's 'Conscious Collection.'

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