Tina Jeler Creates Herb Labels are Biodegradable and All-Natural

 - Sep 15, 2014
References: pinterest & packagingoftheworld
Talented designer Tina Jeler created an innovative series of herb label packaging for a student product that was made exclusively from all natural materials and biodegradable paper. The backing is both stylish and functional while at the same time good for the environment.

In a society where we tend to throw out a vast majority of our food packaging it's always a plus when designers create packaging that is good and sustainable for the environment. Jeler created a series of rustic-looking herb labels that are designed to tell the consumer what the product is but also naturally degrade after use. The final result was a biodegradable brown tape complete with a chic black geometric pattern. The tape is easy to tear and can be used to wrap and keep vegetables and herbs together. The tape is also designed to be written on so consumers can label their produce.