- Jul 2, 2015
For some health-conscious consumers, seeing the summer sun high in the sky is a reminder of the importance of sunscreen products—others tend to catch on only after they feel the burn.

Valuing individual health as much as wellness for the planet, consumers are gravitating towards products from brands like Saje, Goddess Garden, The Honest Company and COOLA that make all-natural, organic sunscreen products. For those who like full control of what goes on their skin, Free People shared a DIY sunscreen recipe that is powered by the natural SPF content found in coconut, carrot, almond, avocado and olive oil.

Now that people are beginning to realize the value of sun protection, products like the COOLA Sunscreen Spray for pets are emerging to keep four-legged friends burn-free as they join their owners on beaches, barbecues and summer outings.

From All-Natural Sunscreens to Sweat-Proof Cosmetics: