Michael Jantzen's Chameleon Workplace is a Modular Desk That Changes Color

 - Sep 18, 2014
References: blog.gessato & michaeljantzen
The 'Chameleon Workplace' by Michael Jantzen is a modular desk system that is a far more flexible and breathable alternative to being cooped up in a cubicle. The design is fluid and organic, featuring three curving frames that can be interlocked to form an enclosure. Meandering throughout the pod are two work desks, a storage cabinet and shelving. Some of these surfaces extend beyond the closed off pod, making the storage units on the outer corners accessible enough for all.

Aside from the organic shape of the unit, the Chameleon Workplace gets its name from the ability for users to change the color of the fabric that lines the walls inside. Depending on your mood, the fabric can be changed from yellow to green to white by pressing on a button, which will activate the electric motors to start giving the space a mini makeover.