These Inexpensive Water Purifiers Use Chip Packets to Kill Bacteria

 - Sep 16, 2014
References: & gizmag
A group of mechanical engineering students at the University of Adelaide in Australia have developed a low-cast water purification system capable of killing harmful bacteria. The solution was designed keeping in mind the isolated communities of Papua New Guinea, where water is especially susceptible to bacterial infestation.

This water purifier runs the water through a piece of piping coated in reflective material. This material directs sunlight onto the water and uses its radiation to kill off pathogens. In tests, the system reduced high amounts of E-coli to undetectable levels in less than half an hour.

The system can purify nearly 40 liters of water in just four hours. It is designed to be modular, so modules can be added or removed depending on the quantity needs. Importantly, it is also quite cost-effective, costing $60 per unit.