The Air Hydroelectric Station Will Generate Power From Clouds

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: airhes & gizmag
The Air Hydroelectric Station or Air HES is a blimp, currently still in prototype stage, that is designed to harvest and condense water vapor to yield both clean water as well as electricity. The condensed water vapor is used to spin an electric turbine generator to produce power.

The Air Hydroelectric Station will use water vapor condensation, hydroelectric generation and airship technology and will be released to an altitude of 2,100 meters where it will float among mid-level clouds in the troposphere. Once there, it will use a curtain of vapor-condensing mesh to collect and condense water.

Water collected from this process will then be fed down a lightweight pipe attached to the balloon, and will be able to provide enough energy to rotate a turbine on an electric generator and generate electricity.