- Sep 28, 2014
The top September 2014 technology ideas showcase a variety of exciting new apps consumers can use on a daily basis. For photography and social media enthusiasts, the spherical photo apps and pictorial dating apps enable people to do so much more with the photos they have stored on their phone. The Looksee dating app actually generates romantic matches for someone based on the photos they have taken with their phone.

Various smartwatch designs have also made their way onto the list, which comes at an appropriate time as September of this year is when Apple is presumably releasing its own 'iWatch.' Brands like Motorola and Asus ZenWatch have paid equal attention to the appearance of their designs as they have with their function and performance. The sleekness of the watches' interface might just be the push the market needs for the products to become mainstream.

More research and examples of the top September 2014 technology ideas are available in the Technology Trend Report.

From Curved Displayed Smartphones to Wilderness Survival Apps: