The TipTapTop Attachment Makes Handwashing More Fun & Effective

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: & gizmag
The TipTapTop is a nifty gadget that can be attached to water faucets to make hand-washing more fun and effective for kids as well as more eco-friendly.

The TipTapTop is a 3D-printed device that is shaped and sized like a water balloon, and can be attached to your faucet. Once attached, you can turn the taps on and let it manage water flow. When children -- or adults for that matter -- need to wash their hands, they just wave them under a sensor that begins the water flow and triggers an audio message that talks them through the hand-washing process. Messages include things like "Remember the palms, back of hands, between fingers and wrists!".

The TipTapTop automatically stops water flow during the scrubbing part of the process, and again after washing is complete.