The Acer Chromebox CX1 is Equipped With a Chrome Operating System

 - Aug 24, 2014
References: us.acer & gizmag
The Acer Chromebox CX1 is a Chrome operating system-equipped desktop computer that blends solid specifications, reliable connectivity and an elegant, portable design. At first inspection, the computer may appear light on processing power, but that's only because the operating system is stripped down and lightweight and doesn't require heavy processing capability.

The Chromebox CX1 boasts an Intel Celeron dual core chip with a 1.4 GHz processing speed. While there is only 16 GB of on-board hard drive storage, the use of Chrome OS means files can be stored in the cloud. There is however an SD card slot that expands storage space to 32 GB.

This machine will be available in two versions, a 2 GB RAM computer that costs $180 and a 4 GB version that costs $220.