Plot from MagenticNorth Lets Urbanites Rent Nature

 - Aug 11, 2014
References: plotmanchester & gizmag
There may come a time very shortly when the Plot from magneticNorth is less of a curiosity and more of a staple off all big cities. MagneticNorth (a digital ad agency) created this rentable garden for Manchester, U.K.'s, Dig the City festival which celebrates urban green thumbs. In big cities nature can be hard to find, and nature surrounded by privacy, peace and quiet more or less doesn't exist. Plot remedies that problem by letting you rent out a garden for yourself or guests for a few hours.

The garden sits atop the city's Victoria Barton Arcade building and features WiFi, should you like your privacy with a side of social media. The Plot from magneticNorth can be rented out during the festival, which runs until August 10th.