From Photo-Focused Journalism Apps to Bias-Fighting News Services

 - Sep 15, 2015
These customizable news apps allow users to find the stories that are most important to them. In the digital age, many consumers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news stories available. These apps help users streamline their reading habits and find the articles that are most relevant to their interests.

For those who skim the news on a regular basis, a striking photo can often be the trigger that causes that user to read a particular story. Many apps have recognized the importance of visuals and used this idea to curate available content. For example, there are image-based news apps that provide a brief overview of current issues, as well as photo-focused journalism apps that display images taken by average citizens.

For those who are interested in reading actual articles, there are a number of apps designed to organize news stories in a more personalized way. These customizable news apps allow users to find stories based on topic, media source or even article length. For example, there are time-sensitive news apps that organize articles based on how long it will take the user to read them, as well as curated news apps that display articles based on social media popularity.