The Meep News App Curates and Reads a Stream of Personalized Content

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: meep & venturebeat
The Meep news app curates news based on users' interests and then reads it to them while they're on their commute, taking their morning jog or running errands.

Tell the app what you like to read and the Meep news app will curate a radio station based on your specific interests. Each user's personalized stream features the important things they care about -- like news stories, blog articles and stock and traffic updates -- sprinkled with their chosen forms of lighter fare, like horoscopes and music. So just like a radio news station, the heavier pieces are intermingled with entertainment breaks. The difference between the radio and the Meep news app is that Meep will only deliver content that interests its listener personally.

While other news-reading apps exist, the Meep news app is unique in delivering a radio-style stream of content. Rather than simply summarizing daily news articles. It makes the serious updates that users need easier to digest and funner to listen to.