From Curated Notification Apps to Newsfeed-Bundling Apps

 - Feb 12, 2016
With so much content available online, a growing number of consumers are seeking out a more authentic experience through the use of customizable media platforms. More specifically, many consumers are looking for applications that will let them tailor their notifications so that they only receive updates about what they are interested in.

One of the primary ways that users are able to access customizable media notifications is by curating the content they wish to see. For example, Facebook's Notify app forces users to curate a list of news sources they are interested in and the app will then provide on-demand notifications accordingly. Another example is the BriefMe app, which automatically curates content based on popularity and then asks users to choose the number of notifications they wish to receive each day.

Beyond curated content, many media apps also offer more advanced features for tailoring app notifications. For example, the Breaking News app has a 'proximity alerts' feature that ensures users only receive information about news stories that have occurred locally. For sports fans, the Breaking Sports app allows users to pick and choose which teams to follow in order to create customized notifications.