This News Program Helps Make Readers More Conscious and Less Biased

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: ibm & psfk
PSFK and IBM Watson have teamed up to develop a news program that causes readers to dig deeper and to think more critically about what they are reading. With so many different news sources at our fingertips, many of us only understand the bare minimum about a given topic. To combat this sensationalist approach to reading the news, IBM Watson has developed a program to make readers more aware of the full story.

The program is called 'Watson the News' and it uses the power of cognitive computing to help readers overcome any biases they may hold. The program works by accessing a user's apps, online sources and social media, in order to scan their news consumption. Watson will then evaluate any information that may be missing or any biases presented on certain stories. Subsequently, Watson will provide recommended reading to ensure the user is understanding the full story. The news program is personalized and customizable, meaning users can choose exactly how much knowledge they wish to develop about a given topic.