The Affinity Bracelet is an Unorthodox Way to Make New Friends

 - Aug 11, 2014
References: lelo
The Affinity Bracelet by Spanish designer Andreu Escrivà is an attempt to bridge social gaps.

The design made the short list for the 2014 Undesign Awards, a competition that challenges designers to unlearn design conventions and conceptualize something original. LELO CEO Miroslav Slavic elaborates by saying, "Technology is developed to empower and unify us. But it’s doing just the opposite. It’s time to get closer again."

The affinity bracelet offers strangers the opportunity to meet and get to know each other based on their personal and professional interests. Users simply enter their information via computer, and the data is then communicated to nearby wearers. If these users happen to intersect on the street, the bracelet vibrates, letting both parties know the other's name, hobbies and the shared affinity percentage of the union. Cue the magic of friendship.