- Sep 10, 2015
These examples of health-monitoring jewelry are both stylish and beneficial to a woman's well-being -- whether keeping track of how many steps one has taken in a day or monitoring healthy sleep levels.

The Sport Pulse Ring is a tiny timepiece that keeps track of its wearer's running performance. Like the Pulse Ring, the Oura is also a finger accessory that keeps track of its wearer's activity levels while tracking how much sleep they are getting per night. Moving onto wrist accessories, these health-monitoring jewelry pieces also include the stylish Gold NIKE+ Fuelband model which tracks its user's motions throughout the day as well as the heart rate-monitoring Tory Burch x FitBit bracelet range.

Moreover, these health-monitoring jewelry examples also include the activity-tracking Bloom necklace and Swarowski's step-counting crystal accessories.

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