The noPhone Offers the Comfort of a Smartphone with Zero Intelligence

 - Aug 20, 2014
References: & techcrunch
The noPhone is a handy-dandy device that will help combat the separation anxiety you feel when your smartphone is out of your reach.

There are certain situations where a steady stream of text messages and social media updates are not welcome. However, if a lack of phone causes the sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing of an impending panic attack, then you can carry the noPhone with you as a "technology-free alternative to hand-to-phone contact." The mobile surrogate is the perfect accessory for a first date, allowing you to alleviate stress while maintaining a comfortable level of eye contact.

Being a smartphone-shaped slab of plastic, the noPhone requires no batteries or software updates. It can also handle much more abuse than your actual phone, so feel free to throw it around as you please.