- Mar 31, 2015
Modern travel often requires you to keep more than just your passport, flight ticket and a magazine on you; if anything, seeing as how you can often flash your boarding pass on your cellphone these days, travel gadgets will have taken precedence as amongst the first items you pack.

Nowadays, it's pretty easy to carry all kinds of gadgets on you. This necessitates charging solutions, which a lot of manufacturers have come up with. Good charging devices allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously and easily without taking up much room, and there are a multitude of such options available.

Worried about the air in your hotel room being too dry? There's a USB humidifier for that. Think you'll want to flip some hip-hop joints in your free time between work meetings? There's a portable turntable for that! At the end of the day, all of these devices enable you take your life with you when you go -- and that means taking both the necessities and the luxuries.

From Portable Diagnostic Gadgets to Novelty USB Humidifiers: