An Automatic Switch-Off Charger Keeps Your Device from Overheating

 - Mar 10, 2015
References: sparkawards & yankodesign
This switch-off charger is ideal for the vast majority of smartphone owners who tend to plug in their mobile devices overnight. While you're sleeping, your handset will reach 100% battery, yet electricity will continue to surge into the fuel cell. There are several problems associated with this, such as the wasteful over-consumption of energy, the risk of overheating your gadget, as well as the likelihood that you are gradually damaging and depleting the capacity if your battery.

This concept phone charger by Chang Soo Lee is the Cu.braker, and it integrates its own current breaker. The Rubik's Cube design gives off a yellow-green glow of each squared section as your mobile phone is gradually juiced up. When this switch-off charger detects a full battery, it automatically pivots to cut the circuit, keeping tabs on your cell when you're unable.