The Trukbaar Electric Fast-Charger Can Charge Buses and Trucks

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: opbrid & gizmag
Spanish company Opbrid has developed a heavy-duty fast-charger system, an overhead high-power charging system that can be used to charge buses, trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

The system, engineered by Swiss firm Furrer + Frey, is designed to be mounted onto the roofs of heavy duty electric vehicles. It works pretty like much like systems used to charge electric trains, save for the fact that it can only be engaged when the vehicle comes to a complete halt at the charging station.

Once a vehicle is parked at a charging station, the charging arm of the station -- consisting of four contact bars -- lowers to make contacts with the charge unit fitted on the vehicle's roof. The arm can accommodate different vehicle heights.

This innovative fast-charging system can easily be integrated into existing streetscapes so as to not be visually obtrusive.