The Samsonite Stork Bag Tag Keeps Tabs on Your Possessions in Transit

 - Feb 13, 2014
It's amazing how many suitcases get lost between airports each year -- a number that would draw you to a Samsonite Stork travel tag immediately. Alan Ng's concept was to place a Wi-Fi and RFID-enabled chip inside of your luggage label so that you can track its location from your very own smartphone.

The baggage tag would comprise a durable peripheral case that would contain two AMOLED displays with ultra-thin electronic components pressed between them. A micro USB port and a micro USB drive would facilitate the easy recharging of the battery and the storage of information. The Samsonite Stork would lock around your valise and communicate with you through a mobile app. The GPS would show you its location, as well as within-range notifications for when your things are close-by and ready for pickup in the terminal.