This Fun Air Mist Humidifier Looks Like a Mini Rice Cooker

 - Jan 21, 2015
References: amazon
This novel USB humidifier is designed to do two things—plug into your computer and add moisture to the air while masquerading as a miniature rice cooker.

Although the small device isn't actually equipped to cook any rice, the gadget does have an internal fan to help circulate the air. In order to prevent dryness in the winter months, the USB humidifier is portable enough to be plugged in anywhere as needed, although it's ideal for keeping at your desk. To use, the small pot can be filled with water and essential oils. A small button on the device controls the vibration atomization technology, lights and the gentle mist that can be emitted from the device to keep the air and your skin feeling moist. Like a real crock pot, the device is designed to shut down after a certain period of time.