The uBeam Uses Ultrasound Transmission to Charge Phones From a Distance

 - Aug 7, 2014
References: ubeam & engadget
The uBeam is an incredible wireless charger that uses ultrasound technology to juice up your phone from a distance without need for any kind of cables or wires.

While there are other wireless phone-charging solutions out there, what makes the uBeam unique is the fact that it allows you to move around freely while your phone is being charged. Most other wireless phone-charging products require you to plac e your phone in contact with a special mat.

The uBeam uses a small charging station to take in electricity and convert it into sounds which are transmitted via ultrasound. A receiver attached to the phone then captures these sound waves and converts them back into energy.

There is no release date just yet for the uBeam, but the device will be sold to both business and individual consumers once it's ready to hit the market.